Byways Latest Issue, iPad Program Extended to 2013

Byways Magazine

Join us as we travel many of the river systems in North America.  Some, like the Mississippi, have impact far and wide.  Others, like   Virginia’s James River, run entirely with in one state.

Our coverage includes the following rivers:

and Sacramento rivers.

Whether you just enjoy the views, or come along for the whitewater rafting, you are sure to enjoy this issue of Byways.

Free iPad to ALL contract Advertisers in 2013.
Byways has extended its FREE iPad offer to all contract advertisers for 2013.  Advertisers will receive the NEW 16GB WIFI iPad with Retina Display.

Don’t Need an iPad?
No problem.  Byways is now offering a $449.00 credit off our contract rates for those who want to substitue the credit for the iPad.  Prepaid contract required.

Click here to view the Turn-Key edition of Byways on your computer.

To download and install the free Byways App on your iPad, click here.

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