New Byways Issue, New Distribution Announced

We are pleased to provide the link to the latest issue of Byways, featuring Great American Roads.
  We hope you enjoy this issue.
  We have recently been informed of a major upgrade from our software vendor that will mean major changes in distribution for Byways.
  As a result of this change, our latest App version of Byways will be released later in the month.
The new software brings HTML5 editing capabilities that will allow us to produce across multiple platforms.
As a result, the following distribution changes will take place as we enter our 30th year of publication.
1.  In addition to distirbution in Apple’s Newsstand/App Store for iPad, Byways will be available for the first time on all iPhones.
2.  Distribution of Byways will be expanded to the iPad Mini.
3.  Distribution of Byways will be expanded to Kindle devices.
4. Our Turn-Key issue will continue to be distributed on-line as it has been in the past.
We’re also excited to inform you that we have upgraded our bundled advertising program to include the new 4th generation iPad, and have added the option of the new iPad Mini with celular service.
Please see the  Byways-iPad Digital Media Kit for additional information, and the 2013 Byways Editorial calendar.
Despite this major expansion in distribution in 2013, Byways rates have not increased, and we continue to offer the bundled iPads.