Byways Dams & Bridges 2018

Welcome to Byways newest themed issue, Dams and Bridges.  Learn about the Brooklyn Bridge, a 19th Century Masterpiece of Engineering, Road Trip along the Lower Susquehanna River in Maryland, Visit Hoover Dam, and Open Up the Golden Gate!

One thought on “Byways Dams & Bridges 2018

  1. Enjoyed your article on Dams & Bridges, and here’s one that’s worth a visit-
    The construction of the Dreher Shoals Dam better known as the Lake Murray Dam started in 1927. Located in the heart of South Carolina it is said to have employed over 5,000 people to construct this earthen dam. On Dec 1, 1930, at 7 a.m. the first electric power– -10,000 kilowatts—was delivered and Lake Murray was celebrated as the world’s largest power reservoir. In the early 1940’s, the U. S. military used the lake to train bomber pilots on the B-25 bomber airplanes.

    Today, the four county region surrounding the lake offers residents and visitors pristine waters for boating, swimming and all kinds of water sport. With it’s close proximity to the State’s capitol of Columbia, home to the Army’s Fort Jackson and the University of SC, the region offers all the attractions of city living- live theater, arts, entertainment, history, museums, sporting events and fantastic dining and drinking. Nearby Newberry County offers one of the most picturesque small town communities know for it’s College, Opera House and bucolic farm lands. It’s certainly worth a visit to learn more about this storied lake and historic dam.

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