Sponsored Content

Byways is bringing travel advertising into the digital age with Sponsored Content (Advertorial) in 2020. Now, in addition to our traditional advertising options, Byways presents an advertorial option.

DMOs and others can now promote their destinations in an affordable and effective manner that brings the reader a true vision of the destination.

Each 8×10 page of advertorial can be created with live URL links and one or more video links (YouTube hosted) to show off the destination as never before.

Do more with Sponsored Content. Send the direct URL link from your Byways content page to your stakeholders to show off how you are promoting your destination in national publications. Share the link on social media, and email to your own list of meeting planners and group travel planners.

Cost Effective
Sponsored Content is the most cost effective promotion opportunity ever offered by Byways. A one time full page advertorial is just $849.00. A double page advertorial spread is just $1,688.00.

This is less than most group tour publications charge for a one-time 1/2 page traditional advertisement.

Provide completed PDF to our specs (8×10, 300 dpi or greater), or let Byways design your page for you. Design includes creating live URL’s and video Links. The cost is just $100.00 per page.

A 3x Sponsored Content contract offers 3 full pages over 3 separate issues of Byways. The content highlighted can change with each issue. The cost is just $799.00 per page.

Plus, a 3x purchase qualifies for Byways Apple Promotion, with your choice of iPad Pro 12.9 or 11, iPhone 11, or Apple Watch Sport Series 5.

Want to be represented with advertorial in all 6 annual issues of Byways?

The cost is just $749.00 per page per issue for the first 3 issues, and drops to $500.00 for each additional page. This option also qualifies for the Apple promotion program.

Note that “Sponsored Content” must appear on the page.